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VeriSign Seal-in-Search: How It Works
The VeriSign Trust Seal in Search Results

When customers browse online, they often find a long list of Web sites vying for their business. VeriSign® Seal-in-Search™, a feature of VeriSign® SSL Certificate solutions and the VeriSign Trust™ Seal, puts the VeriSign seal next to your link to show that your Web site is trusted by VeriSign.

VeriSign Seal-in-SearchHow It Works
VeriSign is the leading SSL provider and the most recognized trust mark on the Internet. Before Seal-in-Search, Web site visitors had to follow a link to see if a Web site was trusted by VeriSign. Seal-in-Search brings the How it worksvalue of the VeriSign Trust Seal to search results, so that Web users are able to trust your link before they click. Seal-in-Search is seen by consumers who use browsers enabled with a free plug-in, as well as on partner shopping sites and product review pages.

Why Trust Matters in Search Results
You may spend time and money on search engine optimization and paid advertising to position your links on search results. Yet, your link still has to compete for attention and clicks. Seal-in-Search offers visual differentiation from other links and shows that your Web site is trusted by VeriSign.

Where to See It
Seal-in-Search technology was developed by VeriSign and is enabled by security software providers and Web sites that partner with VeriSign. For example:

VeriSign Brand Tracking Research, 2009

VeriSign continues to develop partnerships to make Seal-in-Search as widely available as possible. If your product or service would benefit from displaying Seal-in-Search, contact us.

How to Get It
There are two ways to get Seal-in-Search for your Web site: buy a VeriSign SSL Certificate or VeriSign Trust Seal.